Article 1:

This federation shall be called the Wrestling Federation of India.

Article 2:

The territory under the jurisdiction of the federation will be the Union of India.

Article 3:

The membership shall be subject to the approval and recognition by the WFI General Council.

Article 4:

This article specifies the voting and representation rights of the states wrestling associations with regard to the number of votes and representatives in the council. The financial year of the federation shall be from 1st of April to the 31st of March.This article also specifies the fee structure of the federation w.r.t membership fee, annual fee, any pending fee, etc.

Article 5:

This article constitutes the management aspect of the federation i.e. the hierarchy structure, the general council and the duties of the council.

Article 6:

This article defines the duties and powers of the executive council.

Article 7:

The elections are covered in this article .The time span of a general council, executive council and financial council and the time schedule for filling of the vacancies in various posts are stated in this article.

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