Wrestling is one of the oldest sports not only in India but also in the world. When Olympic started there were only two eventsĀ  Wrestling and Athletics.

In Indian sports and culture wrestling traces its origin far beyond the preclassic days of RAMAYANA and then MAHABHARATA. The most adorable epic characters of the great wrestlers like the mighty HANUMAN and MAHABALI BHIMA in Ramayana and mahabharata respectively are the glaring evidences of the social recognition of their combatmodus and the closest martial art in its different forms such as Mlla Yudh,Bahu Yudh,Musti Yudh etc.

Native Styles

The supremacy of Indian wrestlers in the world was established during the year 1910 when the world famous Indian wrestler GAMA Pahalwan defeated the then world champion ZYBISKO .

Wrestling contests have been common in India, since time immemorial. It was regarded such a potent fact as this would alone decide even the destinies of the nations and countries without restoring to other measures like war. The memorable fight between Bhima and Jarasandha narrated in Mahabharata as well as the duel between Rostam and Sohrab mentioned in Sahanama are illustrations as can be found from History books.

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